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Ticket Types

Superb value ticket for all 3 days. Rear standing at Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon’s concerts plus General Standing on Sunday evening all for only £125 + £8.50 B.F. or £5.56 (incl. B.F.) per artist/band (U16 £115 + £8.50 = £5.15 incl. B.F.).

Mojo barrier starts approx 50 metres from the front of the stage. As well as left and right of the stage there will be two giant screens directly above the Mojo barrier. On SUNDAY EVENING the mojos come out with all the chairs and the standing front position moves forward and it is GENERAL Standing ONLY. The Park is naturally sloping towards the stage position so in effect is ‘looking down on it’ from the rear standing.

This the left and the right of the stage back to the Mojo barrier for Sunday Matinee ONLY. Replaces all Silver Seating and Gold Seat Blocks K and F. On the Sunday evening it is GENERAL standing throughout.

This is to the left and right of the main stage. A few seats will have a slight restriction as the view will be through the lattice (see through) King posts. However as the stage will be twice as wide as in 2007 (40 metres in 2010) this slight interruption will not extend to the full width of the stage. There will be two large screens (again twice the size of those used in 2007), one either side of the stage. THERE IS NO SILVER SEATING ON SIZZLING SATURDAY OR EITHER SHOWS ON SUNDAY, ALL STANDING IN THIS AREA.

Most seats have an unobstructed view directly to the stage, only slight obstruction is in Blocks K and F (the latter two blocks will be removed for Sizzling Saturday and the X Factor). THERE IS NO GOLD SEATING FOR SUNDAY EVENING, IT IS ALL STANDING.

Commences Friday 17.30, Saturday 16.00 and Sunday 12.30. Complimentary priority parking. No queuing entrance. Entertaining Host for the evening in VIP Marquee. Luxury Summer Buffet early evening with an entertaining twist! Private bar. Complimentary Champagne teas, coffees and soft drinks. Slightly wider seats directly behind the Hi-Rollers seats and within a few metres of the stage. Interval complimentary Champagne, teas etc and nibbles. Private bar. Plus after show hospitality. On the Sunday this ticket covers BOTH the X FACTOR MEETS BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT in the afternoon and LAST NIGHT IN THE PARK 80’s PARTY shows. The 80’s PARTY is all standing but self contained in an exclusive area directly in front of the stage.

Commences every day at noon (Sunday 11am) when the artists arrive for rehearsals so you experience ALL the day’s excitement. Complimentary priority parking. No queuing entrance. Complimentary programme. Entertaining Host for the afternoon and evening in Hi-Roller spacious and totally exclusive Marquee with well-known celebrity guests mingling plus festival artists who have arrived early for other nights or stayed over (a number already confirmed). Luxury Summer Buffet Luncheon with an entertaining twist! Private bar. Complimentary Champagne, teas, coffees and soft drinks.

Back stage tours whilst artists rehearse and in between acts – see and experience what the artist experiences from the main stage with a full production! Early evening Luxury Summer Buffet and entertainment and complimentary Champagne etc. A draw will take place to have a personal Meet and Greet with the performing artists on the particular day and obtain autographs and photographs etc. Where possible autographs will be sought if requested for all Hi-Roller guests. Wider, cushioned seat seats directly in front of the stage. Interval complimentary Champagne, teas etc and nibbles. Private bar. Plus after-show hospitality with entertainment.

There will be a raised platform for ALL four shows. Subject to demand, each wheelchair user will be allowed one person to sit with them (ticket price is the same as for disabled/side standing/seated). The disabled parking is close by to the tent, please see the site layout plan, and toilet will be close to the platform area. There will be a designated Steward and also Paramedics and St John’s Ambulance staff will be in attendance for chronically disabled. For the U16 concession please phone 600 600

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