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The Minnesota Twins are a professional baseball team based out of Minnesota, USA. The Twins play in Major League Baseball as part of the National League Central division. They play their home games at the Metrodome, the former home of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Twins were initially founded by Bill Torbert, a native Minnesotan who was looking for a way to start his baseball organization in Minnesota. He was not very successful in his first few years but eventually bought the team from an investor named Bert Puckett, and began to build it into one of the most successful teams in baseball. With a roster full of players from Minnesota, the Minnesota Twins have been known for being one of the hardest teams to beat in baseball. Upcoming Minnesota Twins Tickets and complete match schedule are available at Tix2games.

lthough the Minnesota Twins was founded by a man named Bill Torbert, the name “Twins” came about due to an incident in the early 1980s. As the team was playing a game in Minneapolis against the Cleveland Indians, the players were confronted by members of a group called the Black Sheep. The Black Sheep was a notorious group that attacked several other teams on their way to the game. A fight broke out between the players, with one of them hitting a fan who was standing nearby with his fist.

Bill Torbert was asked why he chose to change the name of his team and stated that since he owned the team, he did not want to be labeled as a racist. In fact, in the future, he hoped to sell the team to another person who had a different viewpoint on race and discrimination.

Although there are many teams in the National League, none have managed to catch up to the Minnesota Twins in terms of popularity. Minnesota’s ability to draw fans has led them to be the highest-paid team in Major League baseball. This has allowed them to afford some of the best players in the league and make it to the World Series several times.

The Minnesota Twins can be a fun team to follow for people of all ages. If you are not quite sure if the Minnesota Twins is the right team for you, it might be a good idea to read some reviews first. This way you will be able to decide if you will be able to relate to the team and the players.

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