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About the event

The 2010 Manx Telecom Bay Festival 2010 follows on from the PEEL BAY FESTIVAL in 2007 takes place between 18th June – 20th June and offers 3 days of a wide variety of music and total excitement with something for everyone’s tastes within a festival environment. Apart from the main 7,000 capacity blackout tent, The Valhalla, there will be a full range of concessions and Manx ‘lifestyle’ stalls including Manx produce, face painting plus street entertainers have etc.all done the Manx way!!

It will take place in Nobles Park situated next to the TT Grandstand. A map showing the position of the venue and the individual layouts for the tent for each day are available here.

With over 24 completely different artists/bands we are providing a full mix for the ‘young’ to the ‘old’. At the Peel Bay Festival in 2007 we had a 20 metre wide stage, in 2010 it will be 40 metres wide! Last time we had 2 small projection screens, one either side of the stage – in 2010 we will have four large ones, one either side of the stage and two hung from the roof above the mojo barrier. Last time there was no stage effects etc, in 2010 nearly every conceivable stage effect will be used to add to the ‘shock and awe’.

The festival concludes with the ‘LAST NIGHT IN THE PARK PARTY’ night with 7 original artists/groups and nothing but ‘wall to wall’ 80’s hits to sing yourself hoarse to and dance yourself silly to at a stonkin’ final night party!


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