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Frequently Asked Questions

Manx Telecom Bay Festival 2010 – Frequently Asked Questions

Over these few pages you can find out everything you need to know about the 2010 MANX TELECOM BAY FESTIVAL.

1. What is it?

Well it’s now official the Peel Bay Festival is back as the MANX TELECOM BAY FESTIVAL with: 24 sizzling artists/bands over 3 absolutely amazing hot summer days all undercover in a black out tent so all the special effects, stunning light shows and sensational artists will totally be ‘shock and awe’ right from the start (our hot simmering festival is only days before the longest day).

Amongst the 24 artists/bands the headliners are: Spandau Ballet, Calvin Harris, JLS, The Feeling, Boy George, The Coronas, Rick Astley, Belinda Carlisle, Diversity, Kim Wilde something for EVERYONE!

2. Dates and times?

Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June 2010. Approximate times are: Friday 5.30pm to midnight, Saturday 2.30pm to midnight and Sunday 1pm to midnight with the arena closed down (for evening sound checks and removal of the chairs for the 80’s Wall to Wall Party night) for circa 2.5 hours at approximately 4.30pm. A wide choice of food and refreshments will be available on site as well as ‘lifestyle’ tents.

3. Is it indoors or out?

It is a fully indoor event in one of the largest temporary structures in Europe, namely the Valhalla Marquee. The tent is black out so, whilst this festival takes place within a few days of the longest day, the full effect of the lights and special effects will be seen to their optimum. Due to us only being able to book the 8-pole instead of the 12-pole last time the total capacity is reduced to circa 7,000.

4. Is it is definitely happening? Have the organisers done this before?

It most definitely is happening and we look forward to seeing you there! Yes the promoters, Street Heritage, and their staff were behind the hugely successful Peel Bay Festival in 2007 which was held over 7 nights and attracted 25,000 people.

5. Where is the venue?

Nobles Park, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 6DA. This is a large green park right in the centre of Douglas, the Island capital, and is situated next to the TT Grandstand. It is close and within easy walking to Douglas Promenade with all its hotels, guest houses, amenities etc.

6. Is it all standing?

No it comprises of 2/3rds seated at the front and standing behind the seats. Please see the attached plans. There is no tiered seating although the park slopes naturally towards the stage. On the Sunday evening, however, all the seats come out and it is all standing (and dancing). Again, as the park is naturally sloping, the back of the tent will be higher than the main stage. There is also a platform for disabled revellers throughout. Due to us only being able to accommodate the 8-pole instead of the 12-pole in 2007 the total capacity is reduced to circa 7,000.

7. How do I get there?

If you wish to travel from off the Island to make a very special night or weekend of it please see the travel packages, they are very competitively priced and include your entrance ticket(s), travel, camping or bed and breakfast in a guest house or hotel. Camping packages that include ferry cost, 3 nights pitch, festival pass and booking fees are from ONLY £149!! If you are an island resident please do not drink and drive. Why not take advantage of one of the very attractive deals on local accommodation (including camping from £139 totally inclusive), details in travel packages. We will send you an easy to follow and simple map with your tickets.

8. Will I receive my tickets straight away?

ALL tickets purchased before 20th May 2010 will be held and dispatched on or around that date. Please allow up to 30th May 2010 for delivery, if by then you have not received them please contact Duke Marketing at Tickets bought after this date will be dispatched within 5 days of booking. Tickets ordered over the phone or on the web within the following times of the event will be held for collection at the Duke shop situated behind the TT Grandstand, Glencrutchery Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 6DA. IOM – 2 days before the performance day U.K. – 5 days before the performance day EUROPE – 10 days before the performance day. The cardholder must take the credit card that the tickets were booked with and the reference number. The cardholder’s signature is also required before the tickets will be released. Letters of authorisation and photocopies of the credit card will not be accepted.

9. Is it family friendly?

The 2010 festival is very much a family friendly music event and over 3 days and we know there is something for EVERYONE! The Sunday Afternoon ‘X FACTOR MEETS BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT’ is intended to be a ‘Father’s Day’ show for ALL the family to enjoy and we have special prices for children and family tickets, please see tickets.

10. Is there any onsite parking?

Yes there is a lot of onsite car parking availability. But to be sure of a place please pre book your car parking ticket plus it is cheaper to buy your ticket now. If you purchase on the day the cost will be £5.00 as opposed to £3.00 pre booked. There is a ‘north’ car park for those travelling from Ramsey direction and ‘south’ car park for those arriving from the Port Erin direction. Your car park tickets will be allocated according to post code.

11. I don’t want to drink and drive, can I get a bus or a coach?

Special buses/coaches will be available from Ramsey, Peel and Port Erin and all tickets must be pre-booked. Buses will leave for the return journey within 15 minutes of the last artist leaving the stage. The full schedule of buses and information on how to buy tickets will be sent to all contacts early in 2010.

12. Are there any taxis around Douglas?

There are a lot of taxis on the Island but generally the largest number will be around Douglas. Some firms will allow you to pre-book now for June.

13. How close can I be dropped off and/or collected?

Please see the site plan. You will see that Upper Dukes Road will be one way, downwards from the Police Headquarters direction, and part of that is designated as the ‘Drop Off/Collection Point’. All you will have to do then is walk up the pedestrian path in the park to the entrance to the Festival.

14. Where can I drop my daughter and her friends off and collect them later?

As in 13.

15. Will there be any catering and other concessions on site?

Yes a full range of catering and merchandise concessions will be positioned around the site.

16. Will there be adequate toilets?

Yes, there will toilets positioned around the site.

17. Any medical and welfare facilities on site?

Yes, there will be full medical and welfare facilitates available at the Festival which will be fully staffed. The position of these facilities will be towards the Pavilion at the rear on the north side of the main tent, please see the site plan. Medical teams will be also on patrol so if you felt ill or distressed they are there to help so please do not hesitate to seek their help. Equally if you cannot see a medical team and you feel unwell please speak to any Steward or Security personnel who will be able to contact the medical team immediately.

18. How do I report a lost child?

If in the unlikely event you are temporarily separated from your child, then please report it immediately to any member of staff. If you feel lost, please speak to any member of staff or go to the Medical and Welfare Tent situated to the left of the stage just outside the main tent. It will be signposted.

19. Is it disabled-friendly?

Yes, as in 2007, there will be an elevated ramp for people who are disabled. Special car parking arrangements are made close by. There will be an allocated Steward and also medical assistance will be available for any chronically disabled guests.

20. Are there any deals with local hotels overnight to save drinking and driving?

Yes, if you are an island resident please do not drink and drive, therefore we have some very attractive deals with local accommodation again please see travel packages. When the tickets are sent out it will include an easy to follow and simple map.

21. Any camping?

There is onsite camping available which also includes ferry travel etc, please visit our travel packages page.

22. Who’s playing at the Manx Telecom Bay Festival?

Please click to see the artist line up

23. What tickets are available and how?

Tickets start from £19.50 plus booking fee and the tickets are ALL on sale now . There are concessionary prices for children of 15 years or under and also there are special combined tickets for individuals and families for ‘all day’ Sunday covering the afternoon and evening show. Also there are 3 day Festival General Standing Ticket at £125, saving £28 on the individual prices.

24. How do I buy tickets?

Tickets are available to buy by clicking here or by calling (01624) 600600 between 8 am and 8pm Monday to Friday. All tickets are sold by Duke or Regency Travel as the exclusive sales agent of Bay Festival Ltd.

25. I have lost my ticket(s)

If you lose your tickets, please contact Duke the ticket agent immediately. Ideally, have your original booking reference to quote. Your lost tickets will be cancelled and new tickets issued for an admin fee of £3 plus Recorded Delivery despatch.

26. Do I receive an order confirmation?

Upon purchase over the web you will receive a confirmation email with details of your purchase. You will then receive bi-monthly newsletters via email.

27. I registered; do I get a priority booking time?

Yes, you will be contacted via email with details of this prior to each launch. Your loyalty to us will be rewarded, thank you.

28. Any indicative internal layout block plans?

Yes plans are available for each of the three shows i.e. Friday’s layout with 2/3rds chairs and 1/3rd standing. Saturday and Sunday afternoon comprises of Gold blocks K and F and the Silver seating all coming out and replaced with Side Standing whilst on Sunday evening all the chairs come out and it is all General Standing.

29. What is the drug policy?

The dealing in or use of illegal drugs is not condoned by the Manx Telecom Bay Festival. It is illegal to take, to buy or to sell drugs. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable on site as anywhere else on the Island. If someone deals in drugs it is likely that they will be arrested via security and handed over to the Manx Constabulary. There will be covert Police and security onsite backed up by CCTV who will take action as appropriate.

There will be bins placed at all entrances and anyone carrying drugs should place them in the bins before entering. There will be no questions and no covert video recording of these positions.

Neither anti-social nor illegal behavior will be tolerated whatsoever and participants will leave themselves liable for eviction from the site or arrest. Experimenting with drugs can lead to adverse reactions. Drugs can kill. The crowds and the sheer size of the Festival can be frightening and disorientating under the influence of drugs and could spoil your enjoyment of the event.

If you have taken drugs and you become ill, depressed or frightened please ask a Steward to direct you to the Medical and Welfare Area, which will have the necessary staff who can help and support you.

30. Will there be food available at the festival? Can we bring our own food into the marquee?

There will be full food and drink concessions at the festival. Ticket holders will not be allowed to bring their own food or any drink into the site.

31. Can I bring a camera to take photos or record?

Due to Artists conditions of performance under no circumstances can any photographs or recording take place in the main arena. If you do you risk your equipment being confiscated.

32. Will the Festival continue in adverse weather conditions?

Yes, as it is all under cover all performances will go ahead in the event of rain and would only be cancelled in the most extreme weather conditions or if it is deemed to be unsafe by the management.

33. Will alcohol be available at the Festival? Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, there will be alcohol on sale subject to a granting of a licence. Under no circumstances must alcohol be brought into the Festival as ALL alcohol consumption has to be responsible and controlled.

34. Will there be any intervals?

During the evenings there will be between a 30 and 45 minute interval. Plenty of announcements through the PA system will keep you fully informed as to timings and events. On the Sunday afternoon the show will probably run continuously.

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