» Enjoy the Ubbi Dubbi Festival on the April and May First Weekends

The Ubbi Dubbi Festival, occurring in Texas for two days on April 24-25, 2021. We’re planning for a tangible over-burden of electronic goodness with first class visual and sound creation for the second version of what has become the head springtime festival in Texas.

At the Ubbi dubbi festival visitors will have the opportunity to watch a number of traditional cultural performances, including local artists, and craftsmen as well as international contemporary artists and performers. You will also be able to attend a number of masquerade balls, which is one of the major attractions of the festival. There are numerous hotels in the area and there are various different types of tickets that are available for the festival including general admission plus, family packages, and premium packages.

The general admission plus VIP packages are priced at different rates and they include a free entry to the festival as well as a free choice of dinner as well as drinks. On top of this, those who purchase the premium packages of the Ubbi dubbi festival will receive several benefits. First-class tickets to the main festival venue will entitle you to special early bird resale discounts as well as free booking for the four-day festival. Whether you choose to go for the general admission or premium package, there is no doubt that you will be thoroughly entertained by the energetic celebrations and excellent local eateries during the two and a half weeks of April and early May.

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