» CHAPTER THREE – A message from my father on announcement eve!

CHAPTER THREE – A message from my father on announcement eve!

After some attempts at writing this as dad would, I have given up and decided to jot down my own thoughts on the last few months! Dad has is own unique style as indeed do I, so here goes at my first attempt at a blog!

Well, it’s 27th October 2009, precisely 234 days until the opening night! It’s the eve of the first announcement for which you will have to tune into Manx Radio at 8.30am tomorrow to hear all the exciting news!! Wow… where did the summer go? Answers on a postcard, please!

Those of you who know Street Heritage will know our slogan, the excitement is building and since dad’s last blog so much has happened to make this first announcement possible, hence the excitement has built and built to an almost boiling point! Notably, over 10,000 people registered for priority booking and good grief that’s over an eighth of the population! I take my hat off to dad! When he puts his mind to it he really goes for it and its all or nothing with him and Boy George it’s everything here! The last few months have proved turbulent but potentially rewarding as I think it’s safe to assume the Isle of Man will never have seen before what we will be announcing tomorrow. It is as if we have something unique, something inimitable something to be factored into father’s day on 20th June 2010! It will certainly provide a variety of talent!

That said, as you will recall from the recent press we had reached an agreement with Boyzone for an exclusive reunion to play Friday, 18th June. The full agreement was just literally agreed at 3 pm on that Friday and then very sadly Stephen Gately passed away on Saturday. This was extremely upsetting for his family, friends, and fans. After the initial shock, it left us with a few headaches for us as promoters. How to fill the void… we were asked to hold it over for two weeks as the band went through their grieving process. The two weeks is now up so we expect a decision anytime now. If they decide not to continue we have a very good alternative band in mind. We are also close to finalizing the Saturday night with hopefully an excellent ‘indie/rock’ band. Watch this space!

However tomorrow, Wednesday 28th October, please tune into Manx Radio at 8.30 am for the first announcement of who will play in the two shows on Sunday 20th June at the festival! I think you will be surprised by the Diversity of talent we will have!

You can start purchasing tickets as from 8 am Tuesday 3rd November (Monday 2nd if you are registered). I would recommend that you book early as our capacity is reduced to 7,000 this year (10,000 in 2007 and we sold nearly 6,000 on the Ronan Keating & McFly night….so not much slack there!). This is due to the only size of the tent we can get on the site is an 8 pole (12 pole in 2007). It is the same width but shorter. Don’t miss out on tickets!! Be prepared!!!

Best wishes,

Jamie Irving

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